Fall 2013

Iterations Inc. began working with Stefan Kanetis!

KOR Invent


SpexWax creates Sun and Eye glasses out of old & new vinyl records.  I provided them with CAD drawings, an integral part of creating tool paths for the CNC machine used to cut the records.

January 2013

Iterations Inc. created in sunny San Diego California!!

KOR Invent was founded by Stefan Kanetis. Iterations Inc. designed the KOR Invent website and developed business plans tailored to Stefan's products and services.

“Ryan is a horrible surfer, but I can tell he really enjoys design in all aspects of his life....he's a little OCD if you know what I mean”


Mara Elliot,

Lifeguard at YMCA

What Clients Say About Us

"Ryan should find more clients, that's where the money is!"


Brandon Neff,

Avid Reader located in Ocean Beach, California.


  • Web Design
  • Custom Spreadsheet and Data Solutions
  • 3-D CAD & Prototyping
  • CNC Programming

Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to our lives.

Spring 2013

Iterations Inc. began working with SpexWax!